Minty Slippers Stands Out From The Crowd With Stunning Presentation Boxes!


Case Study –  Minty Slippers 

An Overview Of A Requirement For Presentation Boxes From Initial Concept To Final Delivery…

In this month’s Case Study, we are featuring Minty Slippers, a bespoke film company with a passion for telling stories; stories about people, places and ideas.

Minty Slippers had been considering custom presentation boxes for their films for a number of years.

Filmmaker, Danny O’Neill commented:

‘Our customers often receive several DVDs which have a low perceived value but our films cost considerably more to produce. We needed some way to make our cheap DVDs reflect the value of the film contained on the disk. We also wanted something as bespoke as our films. In the past we have used off the shelf solutions and then had to adjust our offering to match the packaging which was often disk only. As we move to more digital distribution we now needed a packaging solution which would accommodate our custom USB sticks.’

Experiencing the same issues many small businesses face, Danny’s foremost challenge was finding a supplier of bespoke boxes who could supply them at the right quantity and price point. In Danny’s words;

‘So many were happy to provide us anything we wanted but often had a minimum order quantity of 1000 units. As we only film around 30 weddings a year that many boxes would last us far beyond our current branding lifespan. Bespoke Gift Boxes were able to offer a product in a quantity which met our needs and at a price which was within budget.’

We asked Danny to outline his key criteria for selecting a packaging partner and this is what he told us:

‘We had a design and now needed to find someone who could translate that into a real world product. We started with a hand drawn sketch of the rough size and layout. Although we were just looking to deliver a disk and tiny USB stick to our clients, we needed packaging with thickness. This alone makes our product ‘feel’ more expensive than the sum of its parts.’

Bespoke Presentation Boxes Sketch

Presentation Box Sketch

Minty Slippers then enlisted the services of a 3D artist from who specialise in product pre-vis, to take their sketch and translate it into a 3D rendering. Danny commented;

‘We wanted to ensure that what Bespoke Gift Boxes created would match what we had in our mind both in terms of size and layout.’

The resulting 3D visual is shown below:

Bespoke Presentation Boxes 3D Visual

Minty Slippers 3D Visual For Presentation Boxes

Danny continues;

‘We now needed to find someone who felt confident they could produce this in small enough quantities and at a price that fits within budget. Anything else like fast delivery was just a bonus.’

Bespoke Presentation Boxes Interior With Die Cut Foam Insert

Minty Slippers Presentation Boxes With Foam Insert

The packaging solution for Minty Slippers is a rigid box with hinged flap lid and hidden magnetic closures covered in a Winter’s Wibalin Pistachio Natural paper, complete with light grey die cut foam insert which neatly houses the DVD wallet and USB sticks. Both the interior and the exterior of the lid have two separate pieces of artwork which have been foil blocked in metallic silver, producing stylish, luxury presentation boxes which we are sure will impress the clients of Minty Slippers, providing them with a lasting keepsake.

Presentation Boxes With Foam Insert

Minty Slippers Bespoke Presentation Boxes

We asked Danny how the bespoke presentation boxes are benefiting Minty Slippers. He told us:

‘The presentation boxes have finally allowed our bespoke film services to meet our clients’ expectations from start to finish. Before we would deliver in off the shelf packaging and to offer a bespoke service that then had standard packaging, it kind of felt like we missed a step. The presentation boxes were also designed with an all digital future in mind and we are now able to deliver our films on custom branded USB sticks as well as DVD and Blu-Ray.’

The Company has also received a positive response from its customers. Danny explains:

‘They love them almost as much as we do. They now have a way to share their film, our work on their coffee table and keep their memories safe for years to come.’

Finally, we were keen to hear why Minty Slippers chose Bespoke Gift Boxes to supply its presentation boxes. Danny told us:

‘Bespoke Gift Boxes were able to meet all of our criteria and within budget. We requested some samples of colour swatches to ensure we would be happy with the look and texture. They also shared their expert advice about the finished product. For example we wanted our logo and text to use clear foil but after testing by Bespoke Gift Boxes they expressed concern that the finer details of our logo wouldn’t come through as well so the decision was made to move to a silver foil.’

We would like to thank Danny and Minty Slippers for choosing Bespoke Gift Boxes to supply their presentation boxes and agreeing to feature in this Case Study.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Order Your Branded Packaging For Christmas Promotions Early


“Procrastination is the thief of time” – Edward Young

Imagine this scenario…

Your business has a requirement for bespoke branded presentation packaging for Christmas gifts for your clients. You begin your Internet search for a presentation box supplier mid-September, find a few possible contenders, decide on a box style, contact the suppliers and have several quotes for comparison within a few days. Over the following 2 weeks, you obtain samples, make several revisions to the original box size, obtain more quotes, decide on a final supplier and organise your artwork. 3 weeks after you made your first enquiries, you have decided on your final specification and quantity, you have chosen your supplier and are now ready to place your order. Your supplier confirms that you will receive your boxes in 3-4 weeks, meaning you will take delivery of your bespoke boxes by the middle of October, allowing you plenty of time to prepare the Christmas gifts to be sent to your clients in various countries. A month later you meet with a business associate and show him your impressive new branded presentation boxes. He explains that his Company will require 500 gift boxes with logo at the end of November for a special Christmas promotional campaign. You pass on the details of your box supplier and your associate promptly contacts them advising of his deadline. Due to the high demand for branded gift boxes prior to Christmas, the supplier is unable to accommodate his request to deliver the boxes within a couple of weeks, as they are now fully booked for pre-Christmas orders. This is a real disappointment to your business associate but a lesson learnt that better planning will be required the following year.

As a presentation box supplier, every year we receive a mixture of the two situations outlined above. Some customers are very organised and order their Christmas packaging months in advance, others fall in to the trap of leaving it until the last minute and it is disappointing for us as well as them, when we have to turn away business, due to a lack of Production time to allocate to their job.

So why should you order your branded presentation boxes for Christmas promotions early?

1. The period from September to December is incredibly busy for all box suppliers and production time is allocated on a first come first served basis. As outlined above, depending on the complexitiy of your requirement, even if you do know exactly what you require from the outset, when you take into account, quoting, sampling and revisions to specifications, the sales cycle can take several weeks before an order is placed and then you also need to allow for the production time. We always make our customers aware of the current lead time when quoting, but it should be noted that this is subject to confirmation at the time of order placement, as new orders are being placed all the time which can increase the original lead time quoted; this is particularly significant when there is a delay between the final quote being sent and the customer’s decision to proceed with an order.

2. You also need to allow time to package your goods, whether it be Christmas gifts for your clients as in the scenario above, promotional items for a Christmas event, or branded packaging for a product being sold prior to Christmas.  With the latter, extra time would be required to ensure that the product is on the shelf in plenty of time for Christmas retail promotions.

3. Christmas is a busy time for us all. For a Company with the objective of getting a Christmas product on the shelf, the earlier you source your branded gift boxes the more competitive advantage this will provide. For those Companies looking to send out Christmas gifts in branded presentation boxes, don’t risk being in a situation where you have nothing to package the impressive bottles of champagne you have purchased to send to your clients.

“You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again” – Benjamin Franklin

We don’t like turning customers away at the last minute, so if you require branded presentation boxes prior to Christmas please consider the points above and contact us soon to avoid disappointment.

You are able to request a quotation for bespoke gift boxes HERE.

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A Business Owner’s Guide To Sourcing Eye Catching Branded Presentation Packaging


There are a lot of elements to consider when sourcing custom made presentation boxes. We have listed the most significant points below to assist you in your search:

Packaging Preparation

– Think about packaging early in the product development process. It is important to consider the costs associated with packaging from the outset as this will influence the selling price of the product. This may seem obvious; however, we are regularly approached by customers who are already selling a product and haven’t allowed sufficient room in their budget for packaging. They are subsequently disillusioned that they are unable to afford the packaging to match their product and reluctantly resort to compromising with unbranded boxes.

Forecast Quantities

– Consider your product and realistically assess how many boxes you are likely to use in the next 12 months. Whilst buying hundreds or thousands of boxes may seem like a good idea to keep the unit cost down, there is little point in doing this unless you are confident you will use them. Ultimately, you are investing money in packaging and storage unnecessarily. An enthusiastic start up business may project that they will use a large amount of boxes quickly based on sales forecasts. However, in our experience, this is usually not the case and very often a Company who projects that they may need 500 boxes per month will place an initial order for 200 boxes and this quantity can last a year or more.


– Artwork which can be adapted to be 1 solid colour will provide a definite advantage as printing will be more cost effective particularly with smaller quantities. Simple logos developed in 1 single solid colour are most suited to foil blocking providing that there is no fine detail in the design. If artwork has to be printed in 4 colour process, then the cost can be prohibitive on small quantities.

Do Your Research

– Speak to packaging suppliers, read websites, blogs and articles and research the packaging products you are interested in.  If you are able to give potential packaging suppliers a detailed project requirement, suppliers will be able to quote more accurately first time.  You will also be in a stronger position to establish which solutions are likely to fit within your budget.  Be prepared to supply as much detail about your custom box requirement as possible. Believe it or not, at times, we are asked to quote for bespoke gift boxes without being provided with a size! You, as the customer, have knowledge of the product going into the box, so at the very least we would need the dimensions of the item to enable us to calculate the most appropriate box size. Telling us that the box will hold a T-Shirt or some biscuits does not suffice as the items come in various sizes.

Identify Packaging Elements

– Pinpoint which packaging elements are essential to projecting the brand image effectively.  Do you really need custom printed tissue paper, or could you use plain tissue paper with a custom printed label, which would be a more cost effective option?  Is it imperative that your boxes have a full colour printed wrap or could you choose a coloured stock paper with a 1 colour foil blocked logo? Are you able to compromise on the height of your box? The deeper a rigid box is, the more expensive it will be.

Compare on a like for like basis

– Be sure to compare quotes fairly on a truly like for like basis. Whilst this may sound obvious, we have, on more than one occasion been told that our price is much higher and assured that the product is the same. However, on closer inspection we have found that the two quotations are in fact completely different. You cannot compare the cost of one size of flat-packed box to a rigid ready made up box, for the same quantities, as the rigid box will always be more expensive. A quotation should detail the type and style of box (for example rigid box with lift-off lid or rigid shoulder box), the material and its thickness. As a general rule rigid boxes are manufactured from rigid board which is between 1000 microns to 2000 microns, sometimes thicker. 1000 microns = 1 millimetre. You can assume that anything produced from board which is thinner than 1000 microns will be manufactured from folding box board and supplied flat-packed. Folding cartons and flat packed two-piece box and lid boxes are both made from folding box board and are more suited to lighter weight items. Finally, presentation boxes can also be made from printed corrugated board or alternatively corrugated board which has litho lamination (where litho printed paper or card is adhered to the corrugated board). These boxes are also supplied flat-packed. As you can see, there are many variants in box styles and the materials used to produce them, so be sure to compare quotes on a like for like basis.

Bespoke Gift Boxes puts you in touch with the manufacturer directly, ensuring you obtain the best prices.  You can view our extensive gallery containing examples of previous work here.  If you are ready to request a quote please click here to send us the details.


30 ideas for gift boxes and presentation boxes


Gift boxes and presentation boxes are used in every day life for a whole host of different purposes, both within the consumer and business markets.  Whether they are sold online or on the high street many Companies benefit from presenting their products in branded packaging and a large proportion of organisations opt to send out promotional items, gift vouchers and gifts in bespoke presentation boxes to raise brand awareness and increase competitive advantage.

Have you ever thought of buying bespoke gift or presentation boxes? There are some great ideas below which may be of interest whether you are an individual or a business.

  1. Gift boxes for promotional campaigns
  2. Gift box hampers
  3. Gift boxes for jewellery
  4. Media presentation boxes
  5. Gift boxes for biscuits, cookies and cakes
  6. A3, A4, A5, A6 and DL gift boxes for stationery
  7. Gift boxes for perfume and cosmetics
  8. Presentation boxes for photographs and albums
  9. CD and DVD presentation boxes
  10. Gift boxes for hats
  11. Gift boxes for ornaments, ceramics and glassware
  12. Gift boxes for awards
  13. Gift boxes for bridal accessories
  14. Gift boxes for belts
  15. Presentation boxes for pens
  16. Presentation boxes for wine glasses
  17. Presentation boxes for books and folders
  18. Gift boxes for gift vouchers
  19. Gift boxes for gloves
  20. Gift boxes for wedding favours
  21. Gift boxes for shirts
  22. Bottle gift boxes for wine and champagne
  23. Gift boxes for ties
  24. Presentation boxes for club membership packs
  25. Gift boxes for lingerie
  26. Scarf gift boxes
  27. Ashes presentation boxes
  28. Gift boxes for equine products
  29. Gift boxes for T-shirts
  30. Gift boxes for wedding invitations

The above list is by no means exhaustive but covers the presentation packaging ideas we are asked about most frequently. Feeling inspired?  Then submit a request for a quotation for bespoke gift boxes here.  We look forward to hearing from you.