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Case Study –  Minty Slippers 

An Overview Of A Requirement For Presentation Boxes From Initial Concept To Final Delivery…

In this month’s Case Study, we are featuring Minty Slippers, a bespoke film company with a passion for telling stories; stories about people, places and ideas.

Minty Slippers had been considering custom presentation boxes for their films for a number of years.

Filmmaker, Danny O’Neill commented:

‘Our customers often receive several DVDs which have a low perceived value but our films cost considerably more to produce. We needed some way to make our cheap DVDs reflect the value of the film contained on the disk. We also wanted something as bespoke as our films. In the past we have used off the shelf solutions and then had to adjust our offering to match the packaging which was often disk only. As we move to more digital distribution we now needed a packaging solution which would accommodate our custom USB sticks.’

Experiencing the same issues many small businesses face, Danny’s foremost challenge was finding a supplier of bespoke boxes who could supply them at the right quantity and price point. In Danny’s words;

‘So many were happy to provide us anything we wanted but often had a minimum order quantity of 1000 units. As we only film around 30 weddings a year that many boxes would last us far beyond our current branding lifespan. Bespoke Gift Boxes were able to offer a product in a quantity which met our needs and at a price which was within budget.’

We asked Danny to outline his key criteria for selecting a packaging partner and this is what he told us:

‘We had a design and now needed to find someone who could translate that into a real world product. We started with a hand drawn sketch of the rough size and layout. Although we were just looking to deliver a disk and tiny USB stick to our clients, we needed packaging with thickness. This alone makes our product ‘feel’ more expensive than the sum of its parts.’

Bespoke Presentation Boxes Sketch

Presentation Box Sketch

Minty Slippers then enlisted the services of a 3D artist from who specialise in product pre-vis, to take their sketch and translate it into a 3D rendering. Danny commented;

‘We wanted to ensure that what Bespoke Gift Boxes created would match what we had in our mind both in terms of size and layout.’

The resulting 3D visual is shown below:

Bespoke Presentation Boxes 3D Visual

Minty Slippers 3D Visual For Presentation Boxes

Danny continues;

‘We now needed to find someone who felt confident they could produce this in small enough quantities and at a price that fits within budget. Anything else like fast delivery was just a bonus.’

Bespoke Presentation Boxes Interior With Die Cut Foam Insert

Minty Slippers Presentation Boxes With Foam Insert

The packaging solution for Minty Slippers is a rigid box with hinged flap lid and hidden magnetic closures covered in a Winter’s Wibalin Pistachio Natural paper, complete with light grey die cut foam insert which neatly houses the DVD wallet and USB sticks. Both the interior and the exterior of the lid have two separate pieces of artwork which have been foil blocked in metallic silver, producing stylish, luxury presentation boxes which we are sure will impress the clients of Minty Slippers, providing them with a lasting keepsake.

Presentation Boxes With Foam Insert

Minty Slippers Bespoke Presentation Boxes

We asked Danny how the bespoke presentation boxes are benefiting Minty Slippers. He told us:

‘The presentation boxes have finally allowed our bespoke film services to meet our clients’ expectations from start to finish. Before we would deliver in off the shelf packaging and to offer a bespoke service that then had standard packaging, it kind of felt like we missed a step. The presentation boxes were also designed with an all digital future in mind and we are now able to deliver our films on custom branded USB sticks as well as DVD and Blu-Ray.’

The Company has also received a positive response from its customers. Danny explains:

‘They love them almost as much as we do. They now have a way to share their film, our work on their coffee table and keep their memories safe for years to come.’

Finally, we were keen to hear why Minty Slippers chose Bespoke Gift Boxes to supply its presentation boxes. Danny told us:

‘Bespoke Gift Boxes were able to meet all of our criteria and within budget. We requested some samples of colour swatches to ensure we would be happy with the look and texture. They also shared their expert advice about the finished product. For example we wanted our logo and text to use clear foil but after testing by Bespoke Gift Boxes they expressed concern that the finer details of our logo wouldn’t come through as well so the decision was made to move to a silver foil.’

We would like to thank Danny and Minty Slippers for choosing Bespoke Gift Boxes to supply their presentation boxes and agreeing to feature in this Case Study.

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