Gift Boxes Styles – Guide To Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes / Presentation Boxes Design

The world of presentation packaging offers a multitude of options for gift boxes and presentation boxes.  There are a wide range of gift box styles available and to help our customers understand the various options on the market, we have provided an overview of the most common types of gift boxes below:

Rigid Gift Boxes with Lift-off Lids

This is the most popular and cost effective of the rigid gift box variety. Lids can be of partial depth or full depth. For those gift boxes with a full depth lid, it is advisable to allow a few millimetres between the bottom of the lid and the bottom of the base to enable easy removal of the lid. Gift boxes with lift-off lids are most often the style of gift box which are available off-the shelf and usually in smaller quantities.

Gift Boxes with lift-off lid

Rigid Gift Box with lift-off lid

Rigid Shoulder Gift Boxes

These gift boxes have an internal tray insert or ‘shoulder’ which fits inside the outer base. There are two types of shoulder gift box outlined below:

  • Exposed shoulder gift box – this is where the lid and the base are of equal length and width. The shoulder is made higher than the height of the lid, thus leaving an ‘exposed’ view of the shoulder. The colour of the shoulder is often in contrast to the external colour of the base and lid, which leaves a band of colour around the edge of the box between the lid and the base. A very popular stylish gift box style.
  • Non-exposed shoulder gift box – this is where the lid and the base are of equal length and width. When the box is closed the lid and base fit together seamlessly, meaning that the shoulder is not visible until the gift box is opened.

It is also possible to have a shoulder gift box with a hinged lid.

Shoulder Gift Boxes With Exposed Shoulder

Shoulder Gift Box

Rigid Gift Boxes with Hinged Lids

  • · Three-Sided Hinged Lid Gift Boxes

This is similar to a gift box with a lift-off lid. However one side of the lid is a hinge with the three remaining sides overhanging the base at either a full or partial depth.

Gift Boxes With 3-Sided Hinged Lid

Rigid Gift Box With 3-Sided Hinged Lid

One-Piece Clamshell Gift Boxes

This rigid gift box shares a likeness to a gift box with a three-sided hinged lid.  However, the hinge is at the bottom of the base as opposed to the to the top.  It is made from a single piece of board and is often used for media presentation allowing for a book in one side and DVDs in the other.
One-piece clamshell gift boxes

One-piece Clamshell Gift Box

Rigid Slipcases

Rigid slipcases are used as a high quality protective cover for a book, document or CD/DVD set. This particular example shows a rigid slipcase with an additional pull out tray.
Rigid Slipcase Gift Boxes With Pull Out Tray

Slipcase With Pull Out Tray

Gift boxes and presentation boxes are produced from board which is between 1000 microns and 3000 microns. The board thickness utilised will be dependent upon both the size of the box and its end purpose.

Standard boards are white-lined or black-lined meaning either a white or black interior. If a coloured interior is required, then a coloured paper can be used to line the inside of the box.

The board used to produce the gift boxes comprises of 70-80% recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

Bespoke gift boxes are supplied for many purposes across a range of industries, some examples of which are listed below:

  • Media presentation boxes
  • Gift voucher boxes for hotels, spas and beauty salons
  • Stationery gift boxes
  • Presentation gift boxes for photographs
  • CD & DVD gift boxes
  • Gift boxes for clothing including ties, shawls and T-shirts
  • Hamper gift boxes for foodstuffs
  • Gift boxes for equine equipment
  • Presentation gift boxes for glassware
  • Gift boxes for wedding accessories such as tiaras and jewellery
  • Wedding favour gift boxes

If you require any other type of rigid bespoke gift box which is not listed above, please contact us and we will be happy to help.