A Business Owner’s Guide To Sourcing Eye Catching Branded Presentation Packaging


There are a lot of elements to consider when sourcing custom made presentation boxes. We have listed the most significant points below to assist you in your search:

Packaging Preparation

– Think about packaging early in the product development process. It is important to consider the costs associated with packaging from the outset as this will influence the selling price of the product. This may seem obvious; however, we are regularly approached by customers who are already selling a product and haven’t allowed sufficient room in their budget for packaging. They are subsequently disillusioned that they are unable to afford the packaging to match their product and reluctantly resort to compromising with unbranded boxes.

Forecast Quantities

– Consider your product and realistically assess how many boxes you are likely to use in the next 12 months. Whilst buying hundreds or thousands of boxes may seem like a good idea to keep the unit cost down, there is little point in doing this unless you are confident you will use them. Ultimately, you are investing money in packaging and storage unnecessarily. An enthusiastic start up business may project that they will use a large amount of boxes quickly based on sales forecasts. However, in our experience, this is usually not the case and very often a Company who projects that they may need 500 boxes per month will place an initial order for 200 boxes and this quantity can last a year or more.


– Artwork which can be adapted to be 1 solid colour will provide a definite advantage as printing will be more cost effective particularly with smaller quantities. Simple logos developed in 1 single solid colour are most suited to foil blocking providing that there is no fine detail in the design. If artwork has to be printed in 4 colour process, then the cost can be prohibitive on small quantities.

Do Your Research

– Speak to packaging suppliers, read websites, blogs and articles and research the packaging products you are interested in.  If you are able to give potential packaging suppliers a detailed project requirement, suppliers will be able to quote more accurately first time.  You will also be in a stronger position to establish which solutions are likely to fit within your budget.  Be prepared to supply as much detail about your custom box requirement as possible. Believe it or not, at times, we are asked to quote for bespoke gift boxes without being provided with a size! You, as the customer, have knowledge of the product going into the box, so at the very least we would need the dimensions of the item to enable us to calculate the most appropriate box size. Telling us that the box will hold a T-Shirt or some biscuits does not suffice as the items come in various sizes.

Identify Packaging Elements

– Pinpoint which packaging elements are essential to projecting the brand image effectively.  Do you really need custom printed tissue paper, or could you use plain tissue paper with a custom printed label, which would be a more cost effective option?  Is it imperative that your boxes have a full colour printed wrap or could you choose a coloured stock paper with a 1 colour foil blocked logo? Are you able to compromise on the height of your box? The deeper a rigid box is, the more expensive it will be.

Compare on a like for like basis

– Be sure to compare quotes fairly on a truly like for like basis. Whilst this may sound obvious, we have, on more than one occasion been told that our price is much higher and assured that the product is the same. However, on closer inspection we have found that the two quotations are in fact completely different. You cannot compare the cost of one size of flat-packed box to a rigid ready made up box, for the same quantities, as the rigid box will always be more expensive. A quotation should detail the type and style of box (for example rigid box with lift-off lid or rigid shoulder box), the material and its thickness. As a general rule rigid boxes are manufactured from rigid board which is between 1000 microns to 2000 microns, sometimes thicker. 1000 microns = 1 millimetre. You can assume that anything produced from board which is thinner than 1000 microns will be manufactured from folding box board and supplied flat-packed. Folding cartons and flat packed two-piece box and lid boxes are both made from folding box board and are more suited to lighter weight items. Finally, presentation boxes can also be made from printed corrugated board or alternatively corrugated board which has litho lamination (where litho printed paper or card is adhered to the corrugated board). These boxes are also supplied flat-packed. As you can see, there are many variants in box styles and the materials used to produce them, so be sure to compare quotes on a like for like basis.

Bespoke Gift Boxes puts you in touch with the manufacturer directly, ensuring you obtain the best prices.  You can view our extensive gallery containing examples of previous work here.  If you are ready to request a quote please click here to send us the details.


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